About Allison and Her Values

Allison’s commitment to our communities and conservative principles make her the right choice for York County Prothonotary. Under Allison’s leadership, the Prothonotary’s office will continue developing innovative procedures and fiscal independence.

Allison has a proven track record of serving the people through organizations, her church and in her career as a teacher.

In 2014, Allison was elected Vice Chair of the York County Republican Committee and worked to elect republicans at every level of government with the focus of protecting taxpayers and conservative principles. During her term, Allison implemented new programs to encourage people to run for local office and mobilized volunteers to achieve republican victories at every level of government.

Allison and husband Nate are raising their two daughters in Lower Windsor Township, York County.

Allison’s conservative principles are the guiding force in her home and professional life.

As a mother of two and a Christian, Allison knows there is nothing more precious than the miracle of life and the freedom to worship. Allison is also a strong supporter of the second amendment and the rights provided in the constitution.

Allison’s family knows the struggle of sitting down at the kitchen table every month and balancing a checkbook, that’s exactly why she’s a fiscal conservative. She believes government should be accountable and use your tax dollars efficiently.

As Vice Chair of the York County Republican Committee, Allison ran to end politics as usual and insider politics. During her term, she was instrumental in ensuring party leadership listened to the people, not just party insiders. Allison has been on the front lines to elect conservatives in York County and has continued to advocate for conservative principles.

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