Allison’s Plan

All documents related to civil litigation are filed in the Prothonotary’s Office. It’s important that this office runs effectively to protect our most vulnerable citizens in child custody, protection from abuse orders and mortgage foreclosure cases.

Allison has devoted her life to service and that is what she will do as prothonotary. She believes this is an opportunity to open up the books and save taxpayer money while streamlining the process for customer service.

Protect the Taxpayers: Allison’s first task as Prothonotary will be an audit of the fee schedule to ensure that customers are being treated fairly and ensure the office rates are competitive with surrounding counties.

Fiscal Independence: Allison’s goal is to present a budget that will make the Prothonotary’s office fiscally independent, fully funded by services and not additional tax dollars.

Streamline Bureaucracy: With growing technology, Allison will ensure that the Prothonotary’s office has a plan to upgrade technologies to maintain efficiency in the office and ensure all filings can be done online through e-filing.

Customer Service: Putting the people first and providing excellent customer service will be the number one priority of the Prothonotary’s office when Allison is elected and making sure that employees are equipped with the tools they need to be successful.

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